Canteen Baba Ganoush

Canteen Baba Ganoush is open from 9.30am ish to 4.00pm Tuesday through to Saturday.

Why call it the canteen? Well, it is certainly not your typical cafe. Yes, we do Bacon rolls, Eggy bread, Sandwiches and Baked potatoes but you will also find Risotto, Cassoulets, slow roasted meat dishes and vegetarian mezze boards.  Given the fact that one of the co-owners is a life long vegetarian, we pretty much cover all the culinary bases.  Having said all of that we are certainly not a restaurant. We are a daytime eatery with a no booking policy and a no frills no fuss approach and we like to think our prices reflect this.

Please click here to view our current food menu, and click here for our drinks menu.

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